Internships within Lamoureux Orchestra

In partnership with the École Normale de Musique, the Orchestre Lamoureux offers possibility of internship to students in:


Students from strings courses in Diplômes Supérieurs have the opportunity to participate in a certain number of concerts under the direction of Fayçal Karoui at the Salle Gaveau.

The Orchestra Lamoureux : french symphonic orchestra founded in 1881, is one of the most popular groups playing french music today. Orchestra Lamoureaux hold a residence at the Salle Gaveau.


Selection by audition at the beginning of the academic year

Next audition : Friday 5th December 2014 (a.m) at the Ecole Normale

Registration for the audition: Form to download and do hand over with a musical resume to the School’s Secretary before the 15th November.
(The form is also available in printed version at the Secretary).

Audition programs and music sheets to download :
Double-Bass (on demand, please contact:

Concerts dates (in case of selection):
Violin(s) : January 25th and February 8th 2015 (Salle Gaveau)
Cello(s) : January 25th (Salle Gaveau) and May 21st 2015 (Théâtre de Rungis)
Alto(s) : January 25th and March 15th 2015 (Salle Gaveau)
Rehearsals : 
For the concerts at Salle Gaveau : Thursday, Friday, Saturday before the concert and Sunday (concert’s day) .
For the concert at Théâtre de Rungis : Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday before the concert. 

Crédit Rouge 202
Crédit Rouge 202