New : Internship within the French Flutes Orchestra

In partnership with the École Normale de Musique, the “Orchestre de Flûtes Français” (French Flutes Orchestra) offers possibility of internship to flute students.

Students from flute classes (from 5th division Execution) selected by audition will play with the orchestra for the 2014-2015 season (4 or 5 concerts)

They will work with living composers, under the lead of the heads of section and will have the opportunity to familiarize with all instruments of the flute’s family.


Selection by audition at the beginning of the academic year

Next audition : 15 October 2014.

Application for the audition : Form to download and do hand over with a musical resume to the School’s Secretary before the 10 October.
(The form is also available in printed version at the Secretary).

Are allowed to audition: students registered at least in 5th division Execution.
Attention : the School administrative registration for 2014/2015 has to be done before the audition.

Audition Program :
1 free piece | Solo | 10 minutes max
1 Sight-reading test